Christopher Kaufmann

Transcending eras and expectations. Mesmerizing the imagination. The collections of Christopher Kaufmann have garnered world attention for unsurpassed quality, brilliant design, and flawless execution. Each piece of jewelry featured in his salons in Palm Beach and East Hampton is designed by Christopher Kaufmann and created in-house by his team of highly skilled craftsmen

Over the past 30 years Christopher Kaufmann has always designed each piece of jewelry available at Le Salon as well as meticulously chosen each and every gemstone that is selected to be set. Each piece is created in house by the company’s team of highly trained jewelers and setters. This ensures the highest standards and originality in design.

A passionate world traveler, Christopher Kaufmann draws his inspiration from the four corners of the globe as well as nature.

Christopher Kaufmann’s newest jewelry collection – Naked Diamonds draws its inspiration from nature. Soft asymmetrical, organic designs that employ completely natural rough Diamond slices are used.

In his new Isis collection, diamonds and colored stone are set in a regal and enduring style that is completely unique in its expression. His breathtaking Naked Diamonds Collection reflects the soft, asymmetrical organic contours inspired by nature itself.

Throughout all of his collections Christopher Kaufmann showcases the world’s finest gemstones in unexpected settings. The results are utterly captivating.